Creating a website is only the first step to online marketing. You also need to have an advertising plan for your site to get hits.


Web Design Services

Our web design services will provide you personal service and assistance in designing a web site. Knowing that you need a web site is the first step toward acheiving your goals. Simply by talking to you, we can determine the needs and generate ideas for your site, including custom or standard colors and layouts.

Content Editing and Copywriting
When you are trying to run a business, the last thing you have time for is writing text for your website. Let Keystrokes Graphics do the writing for you. You provide information that you would like made available, and we put it down on paper in a format suitable for your business type.
Domains and Hosting
If you have never had the opportunity to purchase a domain name before, we can help. You can purchase your domain yourself, or our designer can do it for you. Visit our domain storefront and see what we have to offer. You can even type in a domain name you have in mind and see if it is available!
Online Advertising Campaigns
Sometimes creating a web site is not enough. With so many people using the internet these days, how do you get your site to be seen by potential customers? One way is to utilize pay-per-click(CPC) advertising. This is done through search engines such as Yahoo! and Google. When your business demands your attention, you don't have time to concentrate on maintaining an ad campaign. We can help!
Printed Materials

Another way to get customers to your site is to use printed advertising. List your web site address and entice customers to go to your site for more information. Keystrokes Graphics offers design services to get you started.